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A StyleSells Consultation takes 1-2 hours (depending on size and condition of the home). A complete house and property review is a fully collaborative process in which your staging and/or design needs are assessed, goals clearly defined and a path forward developed to help you achieve the desired outcome while expending the least amount of your time, effort and money. Your StyleSells consultant delivers clear, concise direction, with an objective eye, always courteous, and respectful of you and your valuable time. Whether you are a new home builder, renovating, staging to sell, or simply enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home StyleSells is always your best choice in moving towards your goal.

With 10+ years’ experience and 1000+ homes staged, you can trust StyleSells to separate the ‘could do” from the ‘should do’ on your task list when preparing your home for sale. We raise the equity in your home, using your existing furniture, décor and available budget to create your best product to elicit wide market appeal. This process allows for the best online photos that in turn generates more viewings, which puts urgency in the buyer to place an offer. That means more money for you, faster.

A vacant house lacks buyer appeal just as an empty plate fails to attract a hungry person. StyleSells rental kits (furniture & décor) transform an empty house into a beautifully presented home. They provide a frame of reference in a vacant space while directing the eye to the best features of the house and away from any deficiencies. Staging increases desire and taps into buyer emotion which in turn generates urgency in the buyer to ‘lock-down their new house’ with an offer.

StyleSells has a wide variety of rental furniture and décor to fit the style and size of any house. Rent a few pieces or a whole house kit. Stage a vacant listing, or simply augment your existing décor with key pieces that increase equity by completing the look and feel of a space, and better designate its function. With inventory to fit all budgets, even a small investment in rental pieces will substantially enhance the buyer’s perceived value of your home.

The benefit of a StyleSells design consultation for New Home Builders and Buyers begins with a review of floor plan and elevation drawings. Working together at the home design stage is the opportunity to fine tune designs and ensure the plan fully meets your personal design needs. StyleSells then leads you through the myriad material choices, colours, styles and sizes to ensure that your best vision of your new build becomes reality. For StyleSells, excellent design choices are always a simple process of elimination. Under our leadership, you’ll never sweat a design decision again.

Do you have a stalled renovation? Stuck on material choices? Don’t know a good trades person? Or are you just plain tired of living in spaces that do not meet your need? StyleSells will always help you find your best path forward. In almost every case, the problem causing you grief is one we’ve already solved many times. We know what colours are trending. We know what materials stand the test of time. We have a great rapport with the best suppliers and trades people in the community. We put innovation into renovation, delivering excellent results in a shorter period of time. Because, we know that the very best part of renovation is when it’s over.

Do you wish your own home looked like the finished homes do on HGTV and magazine covers? With StyleSells it can. We’ve discovered over and over again, that most people already have exactly what they need to get their home ‘rising up to greet them when they come in the door’. What’s missing is optimal placement. Stop wishing and let StyleSells help you create the beautiful home that you’ve always wanted and absolutely deserve.

Do you live without key furniture and décor items such as lamps, art and carpets. Do you have tired furniture pieces that no longer meet your needs? Perhaps you hate shopping? Maybe you can’t find just the right piece; or you’ve finally found it at the wrong price? Don’t give-up. Call StyleSells, your full-service home décor shopping experts. We shop for a living, always knowing what you need and where to find it at the right price. We can purchase, deliver, assemble and place. It’s as easy as that.

Seasonal decorating can brighten your home and reflect your passion for the four seasons. Imagine having a beautiful autumn accent in your home during the fall, or dressing your home in bright, fresh colours in the spring. We work with you to create a completely custom décor package and decorating service so that your home is perfectly accented all year round.

Clutter is a beast that eats home equity. It needs a strict master and that’s where StyleSells comes in. We’ll suggest practical solutions to minimize clutter, develop organizing goals with manageable steps and create long-term strategies and systems to facilitate an organized future. With our guidance, you’ll easily assess what could be sold, donated, recycled or discarded. If clutter is weighing you down, literally and figuratively, we’ll help you get out from under it.

$200    Properties up to 2000 sq’
$250    Properties greater than 2000 sq’ and less than 3000 sq’
$300    Properties greater than 3000 sq’
*The consultation fee on vacant listings (requiring only StyleSells furniture and décor) will be credited to the 1st month rental when the staging contract proceeds.
At StyleSells we’re committed to fair, responsible billing, as well as both saving and earning our clients more money. StyleSells fees on all services are determined during the initial consultation. Pricing is dependent on the type, size and condition of the property and the actual services required. Having no set fees, means that every property is priced accurately and commensurate with its specific needs.